We can’t wait to build an affordable future for our families 

The Bay Area has long been the kind of place where families can build the lives they dream about. This region is bursting with community, culture, and opportunity for people from all walks of life, especially families and children.

“He doesn’t have to worry about childhood. He has a place to play outside with other children, go to school… He doesn’t have to worry where he’s going to sleep at night.”

Decades of exclusionary policies and inaction are putting families today in impossible situations: a parent’s full-time job isn’t covering the rent, families are struggling to find affordable places to live, and children across our region are facing housing insecurity.  

The problem? We don’t have enough affordable homes for every family who needs one. That means right now, tens of thousands of parents and their children across the Bay Area are waiting, on a waitlist, for their chance to have a safe, dignified place to live. 

Something needs to change. We can’t wait any longer to build the affordable homes our families need.

“It’s the children that give me hope for housing and change in the Bay Area so we really need to take care of them and provide opportunities for them to be able to grow into the type of people that we want our state and area to be”.

Watch and share these powerful stories about what getting off the waitlist and into affordable housing has meant for parents and their children.

If we organize, take action, and vote our values, we can invest in the future of our families for generations to come. The Bay Area is a place worth fighting for, and it’s up to us.

What are we waiting for?